Standard for Smart Contacts and Tokens

ATLETA Token Standards outline the specifications for developers whenever creating new smart contracts, features, assets, and libraries for the ATLETA ecosystem. In order for an ATS to be implemented it must first go through the ATIP process.

ATS's - ATLETA Standard Tokens

Building on the battle tested standards that have brought tens, if not hundreds of thousands of digital assets into the crypto economy; ATLETA has utilized the libraries and frameworks for digital asset prevalent within (and beyond) the EVM ecosystem.

ATS - 20 - ATLETA Standard Tokens 20

Fungible digital assets.

The most common format for issuing batches of tokens on top of ATLETA intended to represent some form of application specific accounting.

ATS - 721 - ATLETA Standard Tokens 721

Non-Fungible digital assets.

Creating limited, unique sets of assets capable of representing any kind of arbitrary information or external assets. Effective for issuing tokens relating to the RWA, Art, DAO, community management, and even debt assets.

ATS - 1155 - ATLETA Standard Tokens 1155

Composite-Fungibility digital assets.

Hybrid standard allows for token issuers to combine characteristics of fungible and non-fungible assets into a single, hierarchical contract. Effective for use cases where ownership logic must be minimally computationally intensive; not split across different contracts (such as Gaming).

The ATS's listed below represent a fraction of the entire ATS set. More ATS's will be uploaded to this resource over the course of time; however, in order to ensure that the reader is viewing the most up-to-date ATS's; we invite them to the official ATS developer repository here (link will be provided soon).

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