Nominator Pools

Sub-Systems for Maximal Inclusion

Nominator pools are exactly what they sound like, specialized micro-systems designed to cater to a class of users that do not have enough $ATLA to stake on their own, but would still like to be a part in the consensus processes and earn yield.

Even though ATLETA has implemented these pools in order to maximize the surface area of inclusivity; most of the logic applicable to nominators persists; namely: an absolute minimal requirement of staking 1 $ATLA token, a 72 hour bonding and unbonding period, and no fee for depositing. The only difference being there is no withdrawal fee.

Staking in Nominator Pools does not grant any governance benefits. Nomination pools are system accounts, therefore, when assets are deposited in a nomination pool they belong to that non-voting account.

ATLETA supports a limited cluster of pools (up to 512) with a maximum number of participants (currently undefined). Each pool can have an unlimited amount of users and an unlimited number of $ATLA deposited. However, once a pool reaches a certain threshold (dictated by the economic state of the ecosystem) or results in the overconcentration of capital in a few validators, the system will automatically transition a pools into a "blocked" state.


A nominator pool can only be in one-of-three states at any given moment:

Open: Operational and available for anybody to join.

Blocked: Either due to reaching maximum capacity or root election, when a pool is block, nobody can join it.

Destroying: Whenever a pool is being shut down, it enters the "destroying" state. Irreversible once activated, during the destruction process, all users assets are permissionlessly expelled and returned to the users.


There are four (4) actors involved in the logical circuits of Nominator Pool:

Creator / Depositor: The originating members that launches the pool. Creators are bound to their pools for as long as their are nominators; only in instances where there is not other capital (besides the creator) in the pool, the creators becomes capable of withdrawing. Once a creator leaves their pool, the pool is purged from the system.

Nominator: Pool members that deposit $ATLA. In the context of pools, nominators retain their right to vote on the validators that the pool will select.

Defender / Bouncer: Defenders are accounts given administrative rights to change the pool’s state and remove members. *Members removed by defenders do not have to worry about capital risks, they leave with their initial deposit plus any accrued earnings.

Master / Root: Pool originators that hold the power to override any other member's role rights and implement changes ad hoc.

Pool Rewards

The reward logic of pools is consistent to that of regular nominators; earnings are split pro rata based on the total amount of nominators in that pool and their constituent stake weights. Pools select their validator sets according to the preferences of the nominators involved. validators (with preferences for highest emission share and compliance with best practices).

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