Locking ATLA tokens into the Protocol

ATLETA is based on a modified POS (Proof-Of-Stake) system; where the network derives is security primarily from the digital asset $ATLA acting as the primary form of collateral. Staking is the process of locking up $ATLA coins into the protocol for an undetermined amount of time. While staked, the capital acts as a security modality that aligns user behavior, incentivizing cooperation and disincentivizing malicious intentions (including but not limited to Sybil attacks).

Why Stake?

Staking is seen as a form of commitment to a blockchain, a vote of confidence in the long term vision of the project that is underpinned by capital contribution. Whenever users stake tokens they increase the economic security of the network, while simultaneously contracting circulating supply.

  • Become a Participant in Consensus Process

  • Strengthen Economic Security of ATLETA

  • Earn Yield in the form of $ATLA emissions

  • Earn Yield in the form of $ATLA transaction fees

  • Decentralize ATLETA

In order to participate in the consensus of the Atleta, either as a Validator or a Nominator, users must stake ATLA Tokens.

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