On-Chain Capital Reserves

Atleta’s Treasury is an on-chain reserve of the $ATLA coins intended for use to improve the overall ecosystem. Retroactive rewards for application teams, dev grants for new product development, gas fee subsidization, and allocation to ancillary supporting functions (bolstering TVL), among other things.

Ultimately the treasury will be owned and operated by the community, initially, however, the treasury will be managed predominately by the ATLETA Foundation with a certain degree of control granted to $ATLA token holders.

The Treasury exists in two components, operational (short-term) and sustainable (long-term). Short-term holdings can be generally classified as incentives, these assets will have high velocity and direct impact on fluctuations in circulating supply. Long-term holdings are classified as strategic reserves for improving the economic wellbeing of the ATLETA ecosystem.

Treasury Funding

The ATLETA treasury has _ channels through which it accrues assets:

1) Unlocks A portion of the total $ATLA supply has been allocated to the Treasury. Half (50%) of the total allocation is deposited into Treasury on TGE for use as specified in the tokenomics section. Then, following a 12 month vesting period, the remaining portion is unlocked on a month-to-month biases over the course of 36 months.

2) Slashing All of the $ATLA that is confiscated from validators that violate consensus rules is deposited into treasury. Slashed $ATLA is to be used primarily for initiatives relating to remedying nominators that might have suffered due to the validators actions and prevention of future violations.

3) Contributions The Treasury is an on-chain system account that every participant of the ecosystem can interact with. It is not unlikely that there will be initiatives from individuals and projects built on ATLETA that wish to contribute to the ecosystem's development who donate $ATLA.

Treasury Assets

Initially, the Treasury shall be exclusively $ATLA coins. However, as the ecosystem matures, more assets enter through bridges, and new assets are minted on-chain, the Treasury will expand the scope of its operations to include a wider range of assets.

Some assets we anticipate to include:

  • Ethereum (at.ETH)

  • Polkadot (at.DOT)

  • USDt (at.USDt)

  • USDc (at.USDc)

  • Bitcoin (at.BTC)

** the (at.) prefix is an expression of the ATLETA standard wrapper.

Whenever new assets are inducted into the Treasury, they will be accompanied by an attestation that will specify their intended use case. The criteria for inclusion of an asset into the ATLETA treasury will be made available at a later points in time.

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