What is Atleta?

The BCSports Blockchain

Looking to leverage the verifiability and auditability present in blockchain data structures to provide an open, permissionless, censorship-resistant, credibly neutral environment for the development and deployment of decentralized applications, Atleta is a generalized, modular, multi-layer blockchain network purpose-built for the Sports Industry.

Taking architectural frameworks from some of the most widely adopted, technologically advanced, and economically sound modules in Web3 (substrate), the Atleta network is composed of an execution layer (EVM) with a rust-based runtime that complies into WASM, a multi-chain relay hub, a distributed storage network, and a node network of three actors, validators (Block Builders and Producers), and nominators.

ATLETA is a platform that is composed of three constituent layers based on their functionality: Execution, Interoperability, and Storage; all three of which are interconnected and governed by a universal network of nodes.

1) ATLETA - EL - (Execution Layer) This is the base Layer 1, EVM compatible smart contract platform enabling transactions and the development of decentralized applications.

2) ATLETA - IO - (Interoperability) This is the "layer 0" / Multi-Chain feature responsible for cross-chain communication that utilizes a relay point for the transference of assets and messages.

3) ATLETA - SL - (Storage Layer) Data layer for storing arbitrary types of information (videos, text files, etc.) in a decentralized way.

While certain elements from different layers may be developed in tandem, BCSports realizes that in order to allow ATLETA to achieve it's ideal state, the network must be rolled out in three phases (in the order presented above). Upon implementation of all three layers, the network will transition into a fully decentralized version of itself where the ATLA token holders will be able to contribute wholly to the direction of the platform's development.

In this version of the document we we introduce the first implementation of the Atleta Layer 1 blockchain, a modular, multi-layer, EVM-compatible, smart contract platform with native cross-chain interoperability, dedicated to servicing the Sports Industry.

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