How to become a Validator on ATLETA

Here we will give a high-level overview, for a more in-depth, step-by-step guide, please refer to the developer documentation _*made available soon*_ or reach out to the admin team for support on the official BCSports discord.

  • Acquire Hardware/Equipment

  • Install software client

  • Bond minimum amount of ATLA tokens

  • Acquire Candidacy

Validating is a technically advanced process that involves running a node to actively maintain the network, either by producing blocks or ensuring the finality of the chain. In order to become a validator on Atleta, users will have to possess some degree of Systems Administration experience in order to launch and maintain a validator node.

Acquire Hardware/Equipment

Users will have to deploy servers, either on custom machinery in-house or virtually. Regardless of which method a user prefers to host their devices, they will need to ensure that the devices meet the eligibility criteria of the Hardware requirements. (Hardware Specs Here)

Users must set up a Linux (Ubuntu) server once the reference hardware is figured out.

Install software client

Following setup, users will install the ATLA client and configure their clocks. With their client installed, users will move on to building/installing the ATLA binaries and verifying them. After verification clears, the client will require a data sync and download chain's history.

Bond minimum amount of ATLA tokens

The node becomes ready for bonding/staking the ATLA tokens when fully synched. Initiating a token bond is a process that cannot be interrupted. Therefore, users must wait until bonding is over before attempting to withdraw them. Once the token bond is confirmed, it will be time to set their session keys.

Bonding Parameters

Acquire Candidacy

After validator status is attained, the node must signal its intentions to participate by listing itself as a "candidate." During their listing period (indefinite or until manually withdrawing), they must gather a minimal threshold of voting signatures submitted by nominators. In order to do this, it is assumed that validators will utilize game theoretic logic and provide bonuses (in the form of a percentage of token emissions) to the nominators that select them.

*Becoming a validator does not guarantee immediate inclusion into consensus.

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