Future Proof Architecture

With the acceleration of innovation in Web3 technologies and arrival of new computational paradigms (such as AI, LLMs, Quantum Computing, et al.); accepting architectural frameworks that do not adapt to meet the constantly evolving state of humanity, runs the risks of obsolescence.

Therefore, when building the ATLETA network, diligent attention to detail and excessive consideration about the where the industry (and technology) as a whole is headed was a non-negotiable element in BCSport approach to architecture.

Below, we highlight some of the most relevant areas;


Customizability and adaptability are quintessential properties for a system to possess in an age and industry that evolves at the breakneck speeds of Web3. Modularity is a school of architecture rooted in the ability to refine individual components of technology without interrupting operations or abandoning existing infrastructure.

At the highest level, modularity breaks down the Web3 tech stack into three (sometimes four) layers based on the nature of a process, those are Execution, Settlement, Consensus and Data Availability. By separating these layers, it becomes possible to fluidly swap out mission-critical functions while retaining high operational guarantees. Moreover, it is even possible to implement emergency back drop solutions; so if any individual layer begins to malfunction, the system will automatically substitute that layer with another one.

The opposite of modular design is a monolithic one. While there are undoubtedly benefits to monolithic architectures, the shortcomings and risks (such as tightly coupled layer dependence) pose a multitude of potentially undesirable implications; implications that are simply unacceptable when it comes to subject matters of economic significance.


Modularity cannot be discussed without adequate considerations around Data Availability. Simply put, Data Availability refers to the persistent, reliable, and incorruptible storage of information. By the nature of its design, ATLETA can (and to some degree does) serve as a DA layer for other networks.

Opting to make ATLETA play the role of a DA layer, opens the network up to future blockchain/rollup projects looking for diversify they technology stacks.

Quantum Resistance

Quantum Computation (QC) has become one of the hottest subjects in computer science that holds the promise to transform computation as we know it and usher humanity into a new era of exponential technological advancement.

The implications of Quantum Computation has stirred up some controversy within the crypto industry and brought to light the potential, non-trivial risks that such a technological breakthrough can have on cryptography; namely breaking hashing algorithms. Given that there is not yet a concrete understanding of how exactly QC will work, the risks that is poses are still theoretic; however, by preparing for the worst case scenarios we can adequately protect ourselves from other threats and maneuver ourselves when/if the moment arises.

ATLETA derived its quantum resistance solutions from two standpoints; social intervention (weak) and upgradeability (strong).

As it pertains to the social intervention, by implementation of an off-chain governance coordination mechanism, via adjacent, non-compromised social channels; ATLETA can continue operating by manually enforcing truthful states. So if QC proves to break hashing algorithms, the users will simply agree upon the incoming states being un-true.

As it pertains to the upgradability, there are three primary avenues of solutions. The first is that ATLETA will implement quantum resistant signature schemes altering the address ownership logic to reflect a different relationship between owners and assets. The second, points to ATLETA's modular capabilities, namely the capacity to substitute any compromised elements with other non-compromised ones. And the third, is ATLETA innate ability to push global updates without forcing validators to stop operating; so in the event that a compromise is detected; a network wide upgrade can be pushed that will automatically equip the system with necessary features (ATLETA itself can become quantum compatible and use quantum based technologies ad hoc).

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